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  • Payment is required prior to the child’s first class of each session.

  • All returned checks will have a $25 service charge.

  • If payments are made after the 15th of the month there will be a $15 late fee. No exceptions to this.

  • There are no refunds given after the first class.

  • Priority registration is given to currently enrolled students to guarantee a spot for the next session. New students will be placed in open spots after currently enrolled students have reserved their spot.

  • There is no prorated monthly fee due to scheduling. This includes student scheduling conflicts, family vacations, illness and/or GU's scheduled holiday breaks, bad weather etc.

  • There is a $5 sibling discount, taken at time of registration.

There is a non-refundable Annual Registration Fee. Fee is $55 a year paid at time of registration and will carry over to sign up month.

GU is open enrollment, meaning with the exception of Team, you may register at any point during the year.

Students are allowed to make up classes within their current session and must be scheduled in advance with the office.  **Do not just "show up" at a time outside your child's scheduled class.  We will not guarantee your child can participate if you do this.** 

Please call Katherine at (325-513-6279) or Kelly (940-282-7668), if you know your child will not be attending their regular class and to schedule a make up class time.


  • Graham ISD does have a bus that comes by the Gym at approx. 4:15pm.

  • This is BUS NO. 18

  • If your child needs to ride the bus you must set that up with the School. We do have a form in our office you can fill out and take to school with you

  • Parents must bring in their child and must come in and pick them up.

  • Children will not be allowed to exit building without a parent/guardian being present.

  • If some one else will be picking up your child, that person/persons must be on pick up list.

  • Any change and the parent/guardian are required to let the coaching staff know by written note.

  • Parent must be able to be contacted while child is on gym property in case of emergency.


  • Please arrive on time and allow time to place shoes/clothing in cubicles and to use the restroom if needed.

  • Parents and non-registered children are not allowed in the gym area or on equipment during classes.


  • Drawstrings must be tucked in for protection.

  • Shirts must to be tucked in.  *Crop top type shirts that cannot be tucked in are NOT ACCEPTABLE

  • For tops, girls are required to wear sports bras and either a tight fitting tank top or a leotard.

  • For bottoms, Girls must wear a leotard or tight fitting shorts or leggings. 


  • Long hair will be pulled back before class begins. There will be no playing with your hair during class.

  • No chewing gum is allowed in gym.

  • With the exception of small stud type earrings, no jewelry is allowed.  Your child should leave all other jewelry at home, including watches. GU is NOT responsible for lost or missing personal items.

  • For TEAM ONLY: Water bottles are allowed on the gym floor, it is the students responsibility to keep up with them. Any personal items left in the gym by a student will have to be "bought" back. IE.: laps, leg lifts, etc. at the discretion of one of our coaches.  

  • All students will treat other students and coaches with respect. If not, parents will be called and student will be required to wait in the office area to be picked up. Multiple infractions of this rule can result in the student being suspended or even expelled from classes and future gymnastics events at GU.  We do not condone nor will we tolerate any type of bullying, hazing, harassment  or un-sportsman like behavior. 

  • If you have any questions or concerns please speak with your child’s coach or the office.

Coaches and Parents will be expected to treat students and other parents with respect, if there are any concerns with that please contact Kat or Kelly.  



  • We will strive to keep the gym and waiting area as clean as possible.

  • Mats, doors, equipment will be disinfected and cleaned on a regular basis.

  • Bathrooms are cleaned daily.

  • If at any time you see something broke or needing attention please bring it to the office’s attention.


LASTLY It is our goal to make learning as
fun and enjoyable as possible.

It takes us all
working together to make a great team!

Feel free to ask questions and we are always appreciative of any time or help you're willing to dedicate to our gym and athletes!

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